Monumental Heresy

by Wallachia

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North, mighty North - Majestic peaks and endless fjords Heathen shores, forevermore - We are the breath of the ancient lores A cold breeze through the trees - Whisper songs from old centuries Vast fields, flowing creeks - Our ancestry lies beneath Here among the hills where I have found my home On these paths I have wandered and pondered many times alone Where I've lost myself to the great vast unknown Questions there are many - answers are yet to be found Here among the forests - this is where I belong Nature is my temple - with the elements I am one This is our legacy - in our spirit and blood History carved in stone - long before the delusion of God Down on your knees - icons of deceit Old primitive ideas - since long deceased This is our creed - ancient unbelief What a great relief - to live in the far far... North, Pagan North - In all your splendour do come forth Restore the days of yore - Their poisonous ways - Nevermore! Holy cross - into dust - By our sinful desire and lust Prophecies - fantasies - Now all these myths are put to rest Here I stand on Heathen land, as a fighting man For the wisdom of this world We leave behind what has poisoned mankind There's no coming of the lord Timeless North, your roots so old, through the wintery cold As spring shall bloom anew Heathen shores, furthest away from God, and the Martyrs' blood In a world that is true Trees shall grow, just like our souls, as long before The coming of the plague Earth bestowes, from the seeds we sow, as we stand unbowed To the tyrants of our age There is no God to rule us all - Grand delusions stand to fall They have proved how they are wrong - Alternate truths into a thousand songs ...and the innocent blood keeps flowing in his name Heathen shores - nature's course - Looking back as we go forth For believers the time has stopped - For centuries their sight has been blocked ...and here we stand upon an empty nameless grave
Satya - enlighten me Satya - set me free The lonely path of recovery There is no recipe - and no remedy You must heal yourself Within the agony that was bestowed on me I must search the key To escape this hell I put my faith in you And what I thought was pure - was just an adventure Now lost and gone With the bridges burnt and the hard lessons learned I no longer yearn So we walk alone... ...on the path of Satya The truth divides into two clear sides And you threw the dice for a full house of lies Lost at your own fucking game From the darkest of nights into the brightest light The journey begins inside In every way I've changed The truth I seek With all the pain it brings also great relief You should try it some time These wounds so deep, they are mine to keep Rise from the broken dreams And step into the light Satya - speak through me Satya - in clarity Satya - shine through me Satya - in purity Severed ties, I pay the price gladly No more lies or disguised reality No more bullshit that's coming my way I embrace the freedom and the light of a new day A different song, I have moved on, now finally Right the wrongs, grow strong, leave the past be When conscience knocks you down one day eventually Return to sender the silk wrapped gifts of misery
To those who seek and dare to speak The uncomfortable truths that are common to us all To those who create, inspire and awake The heretics of the modern age Their stories resonate within all that we do As we are standing here side by side Passing on all that is true We are the prophets of our time I raise my glass to those who have passed To those who thrive and continue to strive We rise from the ruins of a long forgotten past And within us their legacies shall be kept alive Question and challenge their obsolete ways Where are the miracles of our time and age? Under the sun we all stand as one That are enlightening our ways, yet blinding for some We are the poets We are the thinkers We are the creators We are the warriors We are the prophets of our time To those who channel their thoughts into words Their hearts into tunes that rattles the earth To those who keep fighting for a better world For their temples do not know what freedom is worth Provoke and agitate as a mirrored response The burden of evidence lies solely upon them Here and now in flesh and bone We are the prophets of our time We are the poets We are the thinkers We are the creators We are the warriors We are the prophets of our time
Delusional game from the desert caves Chasing a carrot until the end of days In mysterious ways, that's what they say Heavenly Grace - Agnus Prey Prophecies, promises, bullshit and lies Reap the rewards the day when you die Sacrifice, throw the dice and end all life The golden ticket to Paradise Martyr - for the one and only God Torture - to quench his thirst for blood History in repeat, what have we learned? Religiously, ridiculously - going in reverse Humanity and sanity must be preserved The Divine tales they are all absurd Fuck you and your sensitivity I claim my right - my right to blaspheme Fuck you and your cartoonish creed Go down with your censorfuckingship One finger raised for the one true God And I raise - I raise the middle one With deepest disgrace running through my blood There's nothing noble about your martyrium Silenced no longer Stronger in numbers We dare to speak the truth you try to hide We dare to seek a little deeper inside Expanding our vision with knowledge and science Relying on our senses and experience You claim to know what God has in mind He clearly talks to you all the time Mindcrafted with all your needs inside In your Kingdom the blind shall lead the blind Betray yourself with this forced belief And know deceit in your time of need Don't try to push your bullshit on me I prefer my stay here in reality I wonder why in this day and age With all the grief, the sadness and rage Why superstitions hold such a high place Religion is the curse of the human race Silenced no longer Embracing the wonder Every day, every way We must stay awake Silenced no longer Dogma torn asunder For the world that we love To prosper and grow
As I close my eyes And leave the sadness of the world behind To carry on The unconcluded story of yours and mine But reality Hunts me down like a desperate thief Let me slip away Into the parallel fate of dreams If I could turn back time And rewrite the script I wouldn’t change a single thing Each moment a precious gift I live on the memories Of what was and could not be As you have moved on I seek shelter in my dreams Fade away To the land of yesterdays Find a way To erase the pain Fade away Into the sun’s last rays Find a way And let me stay… …with you
Layer upon layer of inherited oppression Our roots go deeper than the age of delusion Primal beings filled with timeless wisdom The ever-spinning wheel of creation Unchained and untamed from the Divine doctrines That trampled their way and left this world in ruins We are the devils of their imagination Triumphant we stand in our consecration Unholy and savage We are the beasts of the earth Heathens and apostates We are branded since birth Blasphemy - our language We are the beasts of the earth Victory - our freedom Leave the gospels in the dirt The scriptures that destroys this world... Where is your God now when you need him? That voice inside your head is the echo of reason Installment of fear to control your being Their kingdom is not among the living Our ways are that of the wilderness And our heritage shaped into a timelessness As we have sown we shall reap the harvest And by our deeds we shall face our judgement The final stand against the bullshit of all time No second coming of the Son Divine Ceremonial halls with only grief inside Sacred shrines for obsolete miinds We are the devils whom they all fear We are born into heresy We are the ones who are truly free We are grown into reality Under the stars we walk alone On different paths into the unknown The entrance and exit is all we have in common Unforgiven we shall fall into oblivion Unholy, forever be We are the beasts of the earth
A long time ago a little child left alone in the night And everything he held dear was taken away No one knew, no one saw, no one could hear his cries There was no answer when he quietly prayed He was changed on that day and forever remain Silence carved a question mark in the air The only symbol to live by and to truly embrace Calling God's name but there was no one there Solitude - a fortitude that taught him (how) to think Reverse the curse and take his name in vain He stood alone through it all, fought the battle within Returned favor of abandonment There is no God looking upon our souls There is no savior to heal our wounds Solace he found - not in God Forever unbound by the blood of hypocrisy Cast the first stone - oh righteous one Standing unbowed to the tyrants through history Abandon them for they abandoned you Forgive them not for they show no repentance Let them pretend their world is true They'll run out of time to refund the penance Praise and sing, rid the sins, but don't fool him in He turned away as an innocent child The emptiness, to confess and to trigger the mind Faith and logic will always collide On his own, into the unknown and truly set free No longer hurt by unfulfilled promises Sans a Father, doesn't matter, that little child was me Returned favor of abandonment
When the bell tolls for one last time And the call to prayer is heard no more Break free from the imprisoned mind Laughter shall fill the air and resonate eveywhere The doctrines are all equally false Grand theft Deity! A circus show behind sacred walls Hypothetic conspiracy to hold mankind on their knees An escape from reality The certain death of individuality I stand outside, observe and turn away Searching solutions as they pray I trust my conscience and instinctual ways Finding conclusions as night becomes day There is no Divine Being As your world collides with reality What is it you see that I'm not seeing? Wishful thinking - mythology - from the babysteps of humanity This bullshit won't get a grip of me A heatstroke fucking fantasy I believe in what my senses can tell I take my chances on going to hell When I see the effect of the gospels themselves I gladly volunteer to be expelled They seek to unite but cause to divide The paradox of the Divine What they have in common is that none is right The truth has no alternative sides Spirituality - simple tricks to the mind The power of belief that grows you blind Where are the divided seas of our times? When the faithful are being washed up on our tides Rid this world of the spiritual plague Untruthology abolished Leave this world a better place Mission accomplished Mindgame over


Monumental Heresy is our 4th album.
Intro and outro arranged and performed by Athelstan from UK band Forefather.
Guitars and bass recorded by ourselves in Norway during the spring of 2017. Engineered by Paal André Sandnesmo.
Drums and vocals recorded in Soundtempel Studios, Germany during the spring and summer of 2017.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Stefan Traunmüller at Soundtempel Studios, Germany.
Artwork by Lucile @
CD and LP versions released by Debemur Morti Productions on April 13th, 2018.
All rights for this release belongs to the band.


released April 13, 2018

Lars Stavdal: Guitars & additional vocals.
Paal André Sandnesmo: Guitars & keyboards.
Ludvik Brandsegg: Bass.
Grolig Maddox: Vocals.
Thomas Leitner: Drums.
Athelstan: Keyboards on intro track 1 and outro track 8.
Caroline Oblasser: Cello on tracks 2, 4, 5 and 7.
Aeterna: Vocals on track 5.
Sparda: Choir on tracks 1, 2 and 7.
Hyvermor: Choir on tracks 1, 2 and 7.
Stefan Traunmüller: Choir on tracks 1, 2 and 7.
Christopher Mayr: Choir on tracks 1, 2 and 7.


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Wallachia Nord-Trøndelag, Norway

Wallachia started out primarly as a one-man band located in central Norway. The band became a duo for the debut demo recording. Further on several other members have been included for the album recording sessions. Wallachia has existed since 1992 and play an epic symphonic pagan style of black metal. ... more

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