Ceremony Of Ascension

by Wallachia

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This is the 2nd full-length album from Wallachia. The CD was released by Twilight Vertrieb in April 2009. The 8 songs on the album were created between 1998 - 2008.


released 17 April 2009

Lars Stavdal: All guitars, bass & vocals.
Thomas Kocher: Drums & percussion.
Stefan Traunmüller: Orchestrations & backing vocals.
Paal André Sandnesmo: Orchestrations & pre-production.

All music & lyrics by Lars Stavdal.
Artwork & design by Laura Sava.

Recorded at Soundtempel Studios, Freilassing, Germany in August 2008.
Engineered, produced, mixed & mastered by Stefan Traunmüller.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Self-inflicted Stigmata
Discipline beaten in
For trespassing to the land of sin
To be like him - suffering
Is the mandatory mission of your kin
Martyrdeath destiny
Extension of his misery
Heavenly treachery won't set you free
Torment your soul for eternity

Enter genesis genocide
With deception as your guide
To explore the ways of how he died
You must incinerate inside
Nourish bloodshed prophecy
The neverending story
Conjure the bastard deity
And kill yourself plurally

Follow the way to Golgotha
Selfinflicted stigmata
In nomine nothingness
Flagellation of the blessed flesh
Achieve pain divine
Seek and ye shall find
The hoax exploration
Seppuku salvation
Track Name: Refusalvation
Father, forgive me not
I'll find my own way without an autopilot
Indoctrined to believe, in oblivion deceived
What is there to achieve?
Imprisoned in flesh, the mind - the key
Reach for the dreams that will set you free
Eclectic perfecting the ways of the self
My way for myself and nobody else

There is no God looking over my soul
Cursed, abandoned and out of control
Hold me down and throw the first stone
The burden is mine to carry alone
I find no forgiveness in thy faith
Condemned before I turned away
Let the blood of the martyrs wash away the blood
On the path that leads to your God

Deities, conspiracies - twisted myths throughout history
No higher cause, no deeper meaning, no hidden truth to believe in
Flex-fit wisdom, divided kingdom - a thousand ways to salvation
Lost, not found, each to his own - united under one condemnation
Smoke and mirror, war and terror - heaven is just a state of mind
The earth laid to waste, inevitable fate - build a tower to reach the sky
Comfortably numb, to the word succumb - between me and God there is nothing at all
Judge me not, are you righteous enough? - I stand alone and I take the fall

Throw me to the deeps where I've already been
Torment me with visions I've already seen
I was always on the outside looking in
Self-awareness is the greatest sin
The deeper the fall the higher the rise
From their ceremonial shortcuts to paradise
With awe thou shalt crumble into submission
Reach out for the clenched fist of salvation
Track Name: Kamikaze Christians
Deathcult, catapult - thrown into the abyss
Swallowing, following - words of celestial bliss
Fantasy, can't you see - condemned for all eternity
Slavery, willfully - you are your worst enemy
Crackers and wine, consume the swine - this is what you call divine?
Insanity, normality - no difference in the world of thine
Mundane, profane - No lifeforce through your veins
Paradox, mark of crux - blow out your fucking brains

Kamikaze Christians
Path to Hell pedestrians
Kamikaze Christians
Branch Davidians

Heaven sent, last prophet - the words according to himself
The name Koresh, it means death - it all makes sense in the end
Chosen ones, thy kingdom gone - armageddon Ranch Apocalypse
Bibleverse, in reverse - to cover up acts perverse
Polygamy, exclusively - harem of 12 year old wives
His will, fulfilled - in monogamy with Christ
Farewell, Mount Carmel - obey the rules of enslavement
Bow down, eschaton - the seven seals are opened

Death by masturbation
To the book of revelations
Now let the trumpets blow
For the day after no tomorrow
Track Name: Rival Of A Cursed Destiny
Hatred, despise - hostile towards life
The world outside is a widowed wife
Rid me of pride and fill me with contempt
Grant me the strength to withstand myself

I am wrath
From a torn asunder past
Within these scars
The final habitat
Two becomes one
One must be gone
The prodigal son
I have become

Flesh of thy flesh - blood of thy blood
Cast out by will - all ties undone
Memories fade until nothing remains
Release the soul and absorb the stains

Share my pain as I wither away
Curse thy name into the grave
Absence, ignorance is what you give
So taste thy own medicine
Nothingness shaped my being
Soulabyssic sightseeing
I am the epitaph of the world above
That no longer holds me down

Hatred follows me, swallows me
To become like thee
The only solution - become the conclusion
A mirror falls to the ground
Ascend, transcend - at one with the end
No phoenix rising when the sun sets
The only enemy lies within
Rival of a cursed destiny
Track Name: Sanctimonia XXIII
The one and only
Spirit within
The source of all
That enlightens me
Another wanderer
The path of destiny
My all and everything
The law of 23

Awakening to myself from (mundane) apathy
Transcending this spiral of negativity
Every day you try to hold me down
In every way I will rise above
Reminders of divine righteousness
Now take a look at yourselves
I'm so far outside your walls of complaints
Swimming in dirt just like the saints

Flesh of sin
Scorched within
Attain purity

This is the moment where everything ends
Exhale the past and let new life begin
No one or nothing can break me anymore
There can't be any pain left to endure
Shaped from the bowels of nothingness
Crawling uphill to reach myself
A dual journey for a common goal
Two spirits within one soul
Exploring the abyss with nothing to lose
The pathway of chaos is what I choose
As exterior forces drag me to the dust
A smokeless fire of desire and lust
Pure to the vision deep to the core
Now take me away forevermore
Dwelling far beyond any redemption
I only search for the conclusion

One step further away
From this ghostworld masquerade
The truth is only for the arcane
Shut the lights and end this game

I am at one with nothing
An empty shell withering
Catharsis of the soul
Swallowing the void
Track Name: Genesis Enigma
What is the entity we descended from
Is it an eternal cycle
Will I find the answer one day
Then it has to come my way
Should we be worried and drenched in fear
Is the apocalypse really here
Pretending to believe rather than to know
Confusion as conviction until we go

Reveal, appear, come near, be here - dream on
Deities, theories, conspiracies, hypocrisy - be gone

Mysteries of cosmos never to unfold
The truth out there remain untold
Fortune seekers searching the Father
His presence not found on Terra Mater
Body and soul was dead before birth
Will the spirit ever leave the earth
Who can tell us what we are becoming
All we know is that we know nothing

Eternity, mystery, reality, fantasy - genesis enigma
Puzzle, riddle, fable, bible - devouring dogma
Track Name: Void Expansion
Polluted minds - chemical veins
Within apathetic flesh
Spiritless beings - drained and empty
Degenerated subhuman waste
Nothing to strive for - decaying with pride
Floating in a haze - directionless
Cast thy reflection in the sewerline
Mirror of infinite nothingness

Taking it all with nothing to give
Without a reason to live
World salvation by your demise
One step closer to paradise

Thieves of the air we breathe
May you all cease to exist
Synthetic life in slowmotion death
Empty vessels never to be filled
Betrayal and greed for thy own needs
Materialistic satisfaction achieved
Consumed by non-directional hatred
From all directions thrown back at thee

Fade away - make my day
A world gone astray
You blew the only chance
Near life experience
Track Name: The Wreckage Of Innocence
The wounds won't stop bleeding
Time heals nothing
Where is my redemption
Fall into oblivion

Sun of hopelessness
Pass thy judgement
Melancholy overwhelms
A dying star descends